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Ulyana Havorka


Ulyana Havorka figure paintings have been exhibited around the world and collected for more than 10 years. She specializes in Modernist figures that convey an emotional connection to the model, using color and line to distort and highlight the figure's personality. Her work as a director imbues her painting with an understanding of light. 2011 "Assorted Philadelphia", Large Space Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 2011 Momento Mori, E. L. Putnam, curator, Mobius Gallery, Cambridge, MA 2011 "ArtinMe", Maine State Fair, Boothbay, Maine 2011 "MFA Exhibition", Provincetown Arts Association. & Museum, Provincetown, Massachusetts 2011 Boston's Young Contemporaries, Gallery 808, Boston, MA 2010 "Video Party", Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown, Massachusetts 2009 "Figures and Portraits", Gallery 5, Lewiston, Maine, 2009 "Artists of the Neighborhood", Atrium Gallery, USM - Lewiston, Maine 2008 "Regional Artists of New England", Turner Art Gallery, Turner, Maine 2008 "Unveiled Figure II", Atrium Gallery, USM - Lewiston, Maine

Irina Gints


Irina Gints was born in Poland, Warsaw and now lives in Schiedam, the Netherlands. Her interest in art developed at a young age: as a student, she worked hard on the design of the school and university where she studied. Graduated from the Art Institute. Irina regularly attended online classes at the Richard Robinson Painting Club. A number of her teaching works have been published in Australian Artist and International Artist Magazines. In September 2015 and September 2016 she participated in plein air workshops in Italy and Spain under the direction of Richard Robinson. In 2018, she participated in plein air master classes in Paris under the direction of Qiang Huang.

Gints Valery


Valery Gints, a contemporary, professional artist from the Netherlands, reveals the soul of nature in his art, drawing inspiration from his roots in a picturesque village. Born and raised surrounded by a rich variety of folk arts including singing, dancing and crafts. Valery's journey as an artist began with an acquaintance with landscapes in the local library. His artistic spirit was reflected in the work of Russian artists of the 18th and 19th centuries, especially in the stunning masterpieces of Ivan Shishkin. These early influences laid the foundation for Valery deep connection with nature, shaping his approach to artistic expression. Nature remains the cornerstone of Valery's artistic practice, an eternal motif that continues to be the focus. Sometimes he delves into rural topics with a hint of nostalgia. Valery uses acrylic and oil paints. His deliberate choice of oil paints, with their slow-drying properties, allows him to meticulously detail the details, resulting in paintings that often carry the spontaneity of the Alla Prima technique. Unlike the layered stain technique, the approach is characterized by direct interaction with the canvas. For him, the difference is the pure joy of painting nature—for himself and for those who resonate with the sensuality inherent in his work. Linguistic nuances aside, Valery's art speaks a universal language, inviting viewers to share in the pure pleasure of capturing the essence of the natural world on canvas.

Tanya Grinevich


Tanya Grinevich is a contemporary Polish artist. She received her artistic education at the prestigious Belarusian State Academy of Arts, where she honed her skills and developed her unique artistic voice. Throughout her career, Tanya has actively participated in numerous solo, international and national exhibitions, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to her craft. Despite various problems and changing global circumstances, Tanya persistently continues her creative path, consistently creating wonderful works of art. Tanya's artistic creations have left an indelible mark on the art world, earning recognition from such respected institutions as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Minsk, Poland and Lithuania. In addition, her works have found their way into private collections around the world, including the USA, China, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia and other countries. Tanya Grinevich's art speaks a universal language - the nonverbal expression of color, emotion, intelligence and imagination. Her work serves as a gateway to a sensual and feminine view of the world, inviting viewers to explore the depths of the human experience. Tanya is constantly in search of fresh forms and meanings, constantly experimenting with light, ideas and watercolor subjects. What sets her art apart from others is her ability to communicate without the need for words, captivating audiences with her silent eloquence.

Iryna Kastsova


Born April 8, 1976, Belarus. 2002 Graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Arts. Department of monumental and decorative painting. 2004 Member of the Youth Union of Artists. 2003-2005 Work in the Creative Workshops of M.A. Savitsky. 2001 Participant of republican (Palace of Arts) and foreign exhibitions and plein airs. 2004. First personal exhibition “Message of Ancient Days” Museum of Modern Art. Minsk.2004. International plein air "Zelva 2004". Poland. 2005. International plein air in Bergen. Norway.2006. Personal exhibition. Lunen. Germany.2007. International plein air. Ankara. Turkey.2008. Exhibition. Vilnius. Lithuania.2010. Member of the Belarusian Union of Artists.2011. Exhibition. Art Liquor. Pushkino. Moscow.2012. Exhibition. Albatross. Moscow 2013. International plein air. Olsztyn. Poland.2014. Fair. ArtExpo St. Petersburg. 2015. Personal exhibition. Marbella Spain.2017. International plein air. Tenerife Spain.2017. Exhibition. Malaga. Spain.2018. International plein air. Alicante. Spain.2019. Exhibition. Gdansk Poland.2019. International plein air. Benalmadena. Spain. Since 2019, he has been selling paintings in online galleries. The works were published in the Belarusian, German, Chinese and Polish press, and were also exhibited at the Palace of Arts and the Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts in Minsk. Works are in the Museum of Modern Art and in private collections around the world. Lives and works in Georgia. Since 2019, he has been collaborating with the best online galleries: Artsy, Artsper, Singulart, Saatchi Art, Ugallery, Zatista, Fineartamerica, Rogaallery.

Irina Sidorovich


Irina Sidorovich is a contemporary Belarusian artist living in Germany. Her paintings began with realism, and throughout her career she continued to explore new techniques, styles and materials. She draws inspiration from nature in all its manifestations: land, sea and sky; memory and emotions; past and present. These sources of inspiration are used to create interesting and sometimes abstract landscapes that come to life on canvas. Irina's paintings are the result of deliberate coincidence and carefully planned development. Colors, light, structures and shapes, which she wants to use in particular harmony with various techniques, form the basis of her work. She has exhibited internationally and her work is in private collections around the world: Japan, China, New Zealand, UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

Nata Go


Paintings by Nat Go. landscapes, flowers and abstractions reflect his many interests. She was born and raised in Germany and fell in love with the countryside and nature. She participated a lot in international plein airs. Following her passion, she studied art with Irin Kastsova. Spent many years creating stock photos. Nata Go has traveled the world photographing and creating. Then, in 1999, he decided to devote himself entirely to being an artist, using photography only as a source for his landscape paintings. He left his job of more than 20 years to devote his time to painting. His work, intrinsically motivated and emotionally charged, is a mixture of different styles. With the ability to combine different subjects of flowers and landscapes in an abstract manner, which gives the paintings a special look. Color is the key element. In her paintings, she tried to convey the feeling of beauty that she saw around her in nature. The important thing is that feelings use colors to express different emotions. This is the guiding force of the work, and it comes from Nat Go's deepest inner feelings. I hope to share this excitement with others. With the hope that the viewer will be able to enjoy and be moved. In a short period of time, Nata Go, a self-presenting artist, has sold hundreds of paintings in the United States and countries around the world, including Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Holland, Mexico, Portugal, Japan. , Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and others. Her paintings are part of numerous private and corporate collections.


Is it worth investing in art? Art is always a good investment idea and is independent of the stock market. Even if the economy changes, the cost will remain the same if you choose the right item. Investing in art also represents a great added value to a personal portfolio and can benefit future generations.

Art is an integral part of our life.

Without aesthetic perception, our life will become not just gray, all goals and aspirations will lose their meaning.

High-spirited people surround themselves with objects of art.

Collecting paintings is a very exciting activity. Ask how hearts beat in anticipation of a lot and a successful purchase. With what reverence collectors and amateurs treat their collections. How irritable they are if they fail to make a purchase, and what a balm pours over the heart from the successful acquisition of a coveted painting. For true collectors, money doesn't matter. Contemporary art gives us the opportunity to see with our eyes the awe of a true connoisseur, when contemplating his offspring. The masterpiece of cinema by Giuseppe Tornatore "The Best Offer" perfectly testifies to the feeling of all-consuming love for the object of one's passion. If you ask which item in the collection is more dear to the collector, it will offend him, it's like asking which of the children is more expensive. The possession of an object of art gives pleasure and cannot be too expensive.
We can say that the paintings decorate the room. It means not to say anything. A person is always looking for something that he lacks. A person wants to satisfy a need that is sealed behind seven locks. Intuitively, he is drawn to art, because he feels and internally knows that art is created at the moment of the merging of the soul with a sphere that is several levels higher than the everyday one. It's like a spectrum from infrared to ultrasonic. The energy of high frequencies remains invisible and non-verbal in the work itself, spreading in space and working like a perpetual motion machine, influencing the environment, regenerating and healing. The artist breathed life into the work, through the inspiration of God invested in it, and the object from now on breathes life itself.
Everyone is looking for happiness, but the taste of happiness is different for everyone. In fact, everyone is looking for God, this is happiness. Because God is present everywhere, the divine is present within man. To choose a work of art or ice cream, a person dictates taste. We acquire taste by gaining the experience of many millions of lives on earth, starting with the mineral, the vegetable kingdom, bypassing the animal world, being in the human body. How does a human embryo go through all stages of development from the embryo through nine months. Man is always on the way. This path is difficult and thorny. For many lifetimes he begins to learn to walk and measure his whims with his possibilities. Receiving a toy, the baby calms down for a while, while there is interest and intrigue, then again, from a lack of vital energy, falls into melancholy. Man, like a baby, is looking for an elixir of cheerfulness and dreams of inventing a perpetuum mobile. A person knows within himself that he is worthy of happiness and seeks it with enthusiasm in his soul.

Why do people buy paintings?

Because a painting is a portal to higher worlds. A door through which you will be free and saved. Man split the atom and received atomic energy. This is what he got outside. Now he must split the atom within himself, thereby gaining access to the higher worlds. To do this, he must calm and accept himself. Because the whole world is himself. The Great Master taught not to do to others what you do not want for yourself. Because what you do to others, you do to yourself.

Because the picture responds to the search that leads him. By calming the mind, you become a little wiser. Peace comes from the soul. Abundance flows from the fullness of feelings and knowledge of the truth.

The picture is a bridge to intellectual development, and then to insight and understanding of the ultimate mystery that we are all one.

5 reasons to buy a painting

Pictures are inspiring. Looking at a picture you like refreshes the soul and inspires action.A painting can transform a room. Did you enjoy the environment? Hang a bright landscape on the wall! Do you rent accommodation? Pictures can easily help you personalize it to your taste.The picture can be touched. Unlike prints, paintings have a very tangible history of their creation. And who can resist touching the beautiful relief strokes made by the master's hand?Choosing a painting helps hone your personal sense of beauty. Once you start to be interested in talented artists and their works, you will not be able to stop.By buying a painting, you are making a contribution to art.

Research scientists have shown that the purchase and sale of art is more due to psychological reasons, rather than economic. And even wealthy people rarely acquire beautiful aesthetic objects just for financial reasons.

The emotional satisfaction derived from the purchase of paintings is a component of more than one psychological factor. In a study conducted by Ledbury Research (an international marketing research agency that focuses exclusively on wealth and luxury) and Barclay's Bank, more than two thousand high-net-worth individuals from seventeen countries were surveyed.
A survey was also conducted of scientists and other specialists in the field of art. Based on the findings, the authors of the study concluded that art purchases are often driven by psychological reasons, which fall into three broad categories: personal enjoyment, social satisfaction, and economic value.
The combination of these three main reasons creates an emotional impulse to buy art. Nearly two-thirds of the fine arts owned by respondents in the study were purchased for reasons of personal enjoyment. This includes the emotional, intellectual and aesthetic pleasure that the object brings.
In addition, the new art object improves the owner's environment. The acquired painting or sculpture can act as a means of self-expression or contribute to further personal growth, raise new questions and thoughts, give a fresh perspective on the world, promote spiritual development. And for some, owning art is an introduction to the creative process.

Investment in paintings

Investments in paintings are considered the most successful and successful in the business world.
By investing several thousand rubles in the purchase of paintings, you can earn a million (or maybe more) and quite quickly! For some enterprising people, even a week is enough for this!

money or capital
Buying paintings by talented contemporary artists is the most successful investment. Money is the property of the state, which allows you to use it, work and provide yourself with everything you need. Today the state gives you money, and tomorrow it can take it away, and you will start everything from scratch. Investing in paintings will help you keep your hard-earned money. Investing in paintings is your reliable shield against threats from the sometimes unstable outside world. They will protect you from economic or political risks. Yes, tomorrow there will be a monetary reform or a collapse in the financial market. Old money will lose its value. We have already observed this more than once. Paintings are another matter, paintings are not crumpled old money. The paintings will always remain your property. They can even be insured or pledged as collateral in a bank. Expensive paintings for new money will cost even more. Investing in paintings will protect you from financial and economic crises. Investing in paintings is more reliable than buying dollars or euros. Buying paintings is the best investment. Investments in paintings are in the first place in terms of profitability in the field of investment investments. Buying paintings, you are not only making a successful and profitable investment. You become the owner of a unique work, get the opportunity to admire the beautiful work of a talented artist. You get a constant positive aura that will create positive emotional waves around you. This allows you to maintain spiritual and physical health. And health and mood are the most valuable things! Invest in paintings, in your mental health, in art, in the talent of an artist, in the rich spiritual life of your country. Paintings will make you more spiritual, open your eyes wider to our beautiful world and beautiful people around you. Buy a painting, even if it is expensive, but it is not only a priceless work of art, it is capital! Moreover, a rapidly growing capital! Paintings are capital. Expensive paintings are a big capital. Paintings by famous talented artists are a real treasure and a super investment! Prices for such paintings are rising astronomically! Today they cost hundreds of thousands of rubles. Millions of rubles tomorrow! After tomorrow millions of dollars and euros! Through the years - billions! (Why so? Inflation - however!) Which picture to buy so as not to be mistaken in the commercial result. How to make the right investment? Of course, you need to find a good unusual picture of a talented artist. We will help you understand the great variety of contemporary artists and paintings. Contact us in the gallery. We will help you make the right choice and buy one or more paintings by a truly talented artist. Such a picture rises in price immediately from the moment of its acquisition!

About the gallery ARTS BOUND Founded by Iryna Kastsova in 2019, ARTS BOUND Gallery is a global gallery specializing in contemporary art that includes sought-after works by leading contemporary artists, transparent pricing and in-depth market analysis. Our goal is to help our clients find the right piece of art for their collection.
We pride ourselves on integrating fine art culture into a seamless experience and making incredible works by renowned artists available to complement your home or office. Today we are pleased to announce that we - an online art gallery and a growing community of artists with the same goal - are offering something completely unique.
“Passion comes from doing what you love, and I love connecting art enthusiasts with professional artists.”
Our community of artists grows every day, and together we offer only the highest quality art and attractions. Each application is carefully reviewed to ensure it meets high standards.
Not only do we offer original artwork, but we also place great emphasis on excellent customer service and consider this paramount. We track every order, so our clients still come and talk about their positive experience with ARTS BOUND.
We continue to grow our community of artists and loyal customers who are looking for that short gem they love, all while offering a positive customer experience. While we're constantly trying new ideas and offerings, in the end we always come back to the basics - good art and great customer service! We love art and look forward to sharing our passion for art with you.”
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